Humanity United

We're incredibly proud to have been collaborating with Humanity United for over two years, developing and executing their entire social media strategy.

We showcase the amazing work that Humanity United and their partner organizations are doing in their portfolios of Peacebuilding, Forced Labor and Human Trafficking, and Public Engagement. 

It's a privilege to use our skills and expertise to help amplify the voices of those doing such critical work across the globe. We take an all-round approach to achieving their goals.

We mobilize their network of staff, partners, and social media audiences to help tell the story of the work Humanity United and their partners undertake.

We inspire people to act and engage with Humanity United, using storytelling from partners and grantees, and creating a powerful connection between the audience and the issues that Humanity United and their partners address.

We make it easy for both new and current social media followers to get involved with the efforts of Humanity United and its partners. This creates a cycle where people keep feeling inspired by the work and are encouraged to help amplify the messages Humanity United and its partners share.

Through our social media content, we explore and share complex topics to amplify messaging and educate audiences, ensuring that the critical work Humanity United and its partners do reaches a broader and more informed audience.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team at Catnip on our social media strategy and content. They have been fantastic collaborators in elevating the work of our partner organizations and developing our organizational voice. Beyond the expertise and creativity they bring to our work, we also deeply appreciate their commitment to our organization’s work and alignment with our values.

Ayan Ahmed - Manager, Strategic Communications at Humanity United

Catnip Comms was born out of a love of all things social, a passion for using digital to do good in the world, and a drive to put the social back into social media.

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